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Relax in Malawi

That is about all I did in Malawi…… Well that was an easy blog entry.

So where do I start with Malawi. Lilongway, The capital. I had been here before so knew my way round. Last time I got to the camp site I was the only tent in the place. This time, there had to be 100 tents. And 100 bikes to go with them. The ‘Cairo to Cape-town’ cyclists were in. Have a quick look at the map on this blog just to gauge the distance. A bloody long way. The oldest was 78 years old, and he was always in early compared to the youngsters apparently.

They were a tad boring as they were in bed by 8pm so I found a couple of Scottish guys. Got to love the Scottish, always good for a drink.

The next day I was on my way to meet Tine in Blantyre, who I had got together with in Mozambique. We decided to go to Mt Mulanji and clime/trek it. So we get to the village at the bottom of the mountain and start out trek with out guide. Within min we had to cross a river. So we removed our shoes and the guide stood to give Tine a hand. Over the first bit no problem. On to the second section, this was a tad deeper than the first bit and it ran off a ledge with a small drop in to the main river. Tine went to step carefully... Not carefully enough. Woo Wuu Wou yaaa, 'slip' 'SPLASH' 'bump' second 'BIG SPLASH'. Not only had she fallen over and then in to the main river but see decided that she was not going alone. She took the guide in with her. I cant believe I didn't have a camera ready. So 3min in to the 5-6 hour trek and Tine has submerged herself in the river. Not that any of this mattered, it rained so much and we were sweating so that I was drenched by 20min. Several hours later after 4-5 more river crossings we had to pass quite a steep cliff edge (one of the don't look down types). At this point Tine decided to tell me that she is afraid of heights...... If you just thought to yourself,'if she is afraid of heights, then why is she climbing a mountain?', I felt the same. We got across and were only an hour away from our finish line. At this point Tine's shoes were really giving her blisters. I couldn't do anything to help but give encouragement. The last hour was agony for her and worse was probably the thought that we have to get back down tomorrow. We hit our goal. Cant remember how long it took but my god that was hard work.
We cooked dinner in our little hut. I took my knife to Tine's shoes to try to open the back of them up and we went to bed. Not a wink of sleep for me, Tine on the other hand was trying to talk to me all night... Oh no, that was snoring, not talking.
The way down was wet, could and hard work but by the time we got there we were relieved to have done it.

After that we decided to relax through Malawi from now on. We went to Monkey bay and Cape Mac Clear and did nothing apart from read, sleep, drink and eat. We then moved on to Senga bay where we had to stay for 5nights. Tine's blisters had become infected to the point that it looked like she had blood poisoning. Tine had to stay in the guest house as her feet had to be kept clean. One of the other guests decided to play nurse and wrap her feet like a mummy. There was nothing to do there, it was quite boring.
When we finally did leave, we decided to get the boat up the lake to the north. Not one of my best ideas. We were suppose to be on the ferry for one night up to Nkhata Bay. Two nights later we, and the big fat rats we saw running around our feet arrived at our destination. And it was worth it. A beautiful setting. I think my camping spot was the best view of the whole lodge. We stopped for a few days here. Went snorkelling, swimming, watching the African fish eagle catching his/hers prey. I also found a restaurant that put flavour in to their food (African food is very bland). So we ate there almost every night.

Next we moved on to Livingstonia. This was a small village 15k up the side of a mountain. Luckily we managed to hitch a lift up the dirt track. it took 45min to do 10k. Now I thought the view from Nkhata Bay was nice, This was stunning. You could see Tanzania over the lake the bay and the village below, just stunning. We got offered a few weeks work but my visa was running out and the place wa far too remote for what where I would want to work. You could go a week without seeing anyone easily.

So we decided to move on to Tanzania within the next few days and here I am now. I will update Tanzania when I move on to the next country.

Speak soon.

Ben and Sok xxx

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