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Was the last line in the last blog that I was starting to settle down? Hmm, all change there then. That didn’t last long.

OK. So things were still all going well with the job, apart from the unreasonable, stressed, highly strung boss. So I was happy enough for now. I had taught one of the chef’s, Ian, from the Zalu hotel how to dive. The Zalu is probably the most luxurious 5 star hotels on the islands of Zanzibar. It was a really fun course as my other student was a Polish…….. Madman. It was like he was on speed 24hours a day. Anyway getting back to the point. Ian became a good friend (aka drinking partner), and not just because he took me up to Zalu for lunch on the private jetty during the diving course. Witch I have to add- I felt like I should have brushed my hair before I went. It was fantastic to be eating food that had more than one flavor in it. Very posh nosh. Ian also offered me dinner any time I wanted to come up.

The next few days were spent in Mangies bar, Bored…….. Neil, my main drinking buddy had gone off to Egypt to complete his PADI Instructor course. I would like to add a Congratulation to him on passing the course. Morgan and I started watching the six nation’s rugby. That was nothing special by the English. But I was generally getting bored of the island. The only really good days were when I had a day off and there was wind so I could go kitesurfing.

Then an old traveling buddy, Yvonne, who I met in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, came to stay with me for a little over a week. It was really good fun to have a new face on the island who I knew I would get on with really well. I really enjoyed her company. We went to stone town to the annual Zanzibar music festival. It was really good music. We arrived just in time to catch the headline act. We met up with a well lubricated Ian, a few of the kitesurfing guys and a few people I knew from a hotel I know. All in all, a really good night. Then Yvonne took me to see the Columbus and the red monkeys that Zanzibar is famous for a couple of days later. She just got me away from Nungwi, and that is exactly what I needed.

Then the next night we went for dinner at ‘The Zalu Hotel’ courtesy of Ian (so glad I met that man). The food was amazing again. Yvonne’s was only with me for a few days more and last night was a bit of a late one. Ian joined us a bit later on and proceeded to force more and more drink down my neck, Honest, it was all Ian’s fault, not mine! Yvonne and I had lots of chats about if I was actually happy with my working conditions (the boss), as she felt I seemed quite the opposite. The next morning it was time for Yvonne to leave. I was sad to see her go. So off I go to work. Get the usual shit from the boss. Come back from the dive and I go to cover the offices we had in the Hilton. So I was sat reading my book, and I fell asleep for a couple of min. Normally this is not a major problem, but this time the general manager’s wife saw me and took a photo of me and sent it to my boss. I got a phone call from her asking me to come back to the dive centre and explain my actions.
I went back with my hands held high. I apologised several times but im not sure they heard any of them over their shouting at me. Eventually, I got fed up of being screamed at like a five year old and I managed to get half a sentence in and I said “Do you want me to leave?’’ To that they screamed “We F*#?ing should make you leave!’’ So I responded with, “Okay, im going to pack my dive equipment up now, I will be in tomorrow to collect my wages, and I will be out of the staff house as soon as I can find somewhere to stay.” I’m not too sure they were expecting that because there was a long pause, and then I started packing.

So that was the end of East Africa Divers for me. I managed to find a place to stay ‘The Zalu Hotel’. RESULT!!!! It was awesome. Ian let me stay in the hotel with him for 4-5 days. Dinner at Zalu most evenings, fishing off the pier, far too much drinking, especially when it comes to ‘Nagronies’ (Ian and I are bad news for each other when drink is involved), midnight food binges in a five star hotel’s kitchen fridge, and a shower that not only works but it has more than one temperature setting. I felt like Cinderella just after she tried on the glass slipper. From rags to riches, and all it cost me was a taxi (about $5) to get myself there. So a big thanks to Ian for putting up with me. I can actually hear my Mum saying “Thank you for looking after my boy Ian” out loud as she reads this.

During my time at Ian’s I decided that I was going to visit my old Russian pal, Victor from Egypt. He had moved on to Malaysia, so after a fifty hour bus, boat, taxi, two planes, a train and a moped journey, I arrived in Kuala Lumpa. I spent a couple of days wondering the streets having a look round. Then an overnight bus and a speedboat across to The Perhentian Islands just about 40k from the Thailand border to where Victor is now living. And that is where I am sat now writing this blog looking out to sea with a good old cup of tea. I met Victor and he told me about a possible job on the island next to the one we were on (they are about 2k from each other), so I jumped on a taxi boat and I went to have a chat with Mikey, the Asian owner. I started work today. I’m not too sure how long I will be here yet, but that has been my life story for the past 20 months. I have got used to living this way and I like it.

Next update will be in a month or so. Hope to hear back from a few of you. Also love to see any of you that want to visit Malaysia.

Missing you all still.

Ben and Sok xxx

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